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Earth Action Hero: Donaldson Company

A tour of Donaldson’s headquarters in Bloomington reveals many sustainable and energy-efficient practices. One is the adoption of all-new LED lighting in the offices. Donaldson is entering the second year of its five-year transition plan on the project. 

“We estimate the LED conversion alone will result in a 70 – 80 percent reduction in the electricity needed to light our Bloomington offices, reducing our overall demand by 5 – 10 percent,” said Donaldson Facility Development and Asset Manager Bill Coldwell. 

The Bloomington offices also participate in a community solar garden program offered by Xcel Energy, allowing Donaldson to take part in the renewable energy economy and reduce its energy costs without purchasing and installing its own solar panels. 

Another of the company’s green initiatives yields a variety of colorful produce. From red tomatoes to green beans, employees have a hand in growing plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in their community garden. All the vegetables harvested from the garden go directly to VEAP to help people in need of fresh food. Staff has the opportunity to volunteer for a few hours each month on company time. 

Bloomington’s Sustainability Commission added Donaldson to its line-up of businesses on its series of energy tours for other business people in November. For more information about these tours and how to get involved, contact Commissioner Steve Flagg at