Donate and recycle items instead of setting them on the curb

While February may not be the time you normally think about spring cleaning, remember that you can donate or recycle any time of year. Except for large appliances and brush, items collected at the curb by the haulers during Curbside cleanup end up in the landfill. 

Several local charity organizations accept donated materials. Guidelines on what is acceptable vary by organization and sometimes by time of year. Most clean, gently-used items in good working order are suitable for donation, but check with the organization to be sure.

In Bloomington, donations can be taken to:

  • Arc’s Value Village, 10546 France Avenue South, 952-818-8708,
  • Bridging Inc., 201 West 87th Street, 952-888-1105,
  • Goodwill, 7845 Lyndale Avenue South, 952-881-2468,
  • Salvation Army, 710 West 98th Street, 952-881-6197,

Options for recycling items that are not in good condition, including mattresses and box springs:

  • Hennepin County Brooklyn Park (not Bloomington) Drop-Off Facility, 8100 Jefferson Highway, Brooklyn Park, 612-348-3777, takes mattresses for a $20 fee.
  • Second Chance Recycling,

Visit to see a full list of organizations where you can recycle or donate your items.