Do more with less salt

When snow and ice need to go, it’s easy to overdo the salt. As temperatures drop, salt becomes less effective. Use sand for traction when the temperature falls below 15 degrees.

“Avoiding salt use in the first place should always be the first step,” Minnesota GreenCorps Member Meg Hannasch said. “Stay ahead of the winter salt-use game. Shovel snow before it becomes packed down and head off the need for salt.”

If salt is necessary, follow the four s’s: Shovel first, scatter sparingly, sweep up any extra and switch methods when needed. Less than a 12-ounce coffee mug of salt treats the average driveway of 1,000 square feet.

Salt might disappear to the eye, but remnants remain causing damage to wildlife and the environment. Reducing salt use is good for our local water bodies—especially those where salt levels are already high, like Nine Mile Creek.

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