Cut waste

Bloomington residential garbage is processed at a waste-to-energy facility called Hennepin County Recovery Center (HERC). Facilities like HERC are environmentally preferred to landfills, but it’s better to avoid making waste in the first place. 

Only put things in the garbage that can’t be turned into new products through recycling and composting. Use reusable items instead of single-use items. Recycle boxes, bottles, cans, cartons, containers, papers and other recyclables. Compost organics—when you bring your food scraps to an organics drop-off site or compost in a backyard pile, the waste turns into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. Sign up for the City’s organics drop-off program at

Sort smart

Properly sorting and reducing waste before it becomes garbage makes a difference and keeps our air cleaner. For more information, visit or call 952-563-8760.