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Court rules in favor of the City: Organized collection will not go to a vote

The Minnesota Court of Appeals recently ruled in favor of the City saying that a proposed charter amendment, intended to halt the City’s organized collection system for garbage and recycling, was not a lawful use of the power of a referendum.

“We are happy with the Court of Appeals’ ruling,” City Manager Jamie Verbrugge said. “It upholds organized garbage and recycling collection in Bloomington—a service we believe improves quality of life for our residents.”

As a result of the Court’s ruling, Bloomington’s garbage and recycling collection services will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Haulers began pickup under the organized collection program in October 2016. According to the 2017 resident survey, 80 percent of respondents viewed the City’s garbage and recycling services favorably.

Bloomington’s organized collection service goals are to reduce the number of garbage trucks on collection day, mitigate air and noise pollution, minimize wear and tear on the roadways and, in most cases, save households money.