Clean up pet waste

Bloomington has beautiful lakes, rivers and streams but they require upkeep from everyone, including dog owners. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has identified Nine Mile Creek downstream of Marsh Lake and Purgatory Creek downstream of Starring Lake as impaired for bacteria. The problem stems from improperly managed pet waste as well as waste from geese, waterfowl and other wildlife. Picking up and properly disposing of pet waste can decrease bacteria which is carried by stormwater runoff into these creeks. 

When you are out walking your dog, clean up and dispose of pet waste. Put pet waste into a trash can, which will be emptied and its contents incinerated. If you let your dog out in your yard, remove pet waste as it accumulates. Keeping up with it will avoid uncollected pet waste problems as the snow melts in the spring. It’s the right thing to do for the environment and your neighborhood.

Also, a City ordinance calls for dog owners and handlers to clean up after their dogs from any sidewalk, street, park, school, public place or private property.