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City scores well in national poll

Bloomington residents are feeling good about their safety and the economy, according to The National Citizen Survey™. A total of 1,007 residents answered the random sample poll between May 7 and June 18, 2019. 

Bloomington as a place to live earned a 91% approval rating. 

A majority of residents gave positive ratings to the City’s governance. Eight in ten respondents offered scores of excellent or good to the overall quality of City services and to the customer service provided by employees. 

Nearly all respondents reported feeling safe in their neighborhoods. More than 9 in 10 residents gave excellent or good scores to Bloomington’s police and fire services. 

Most scores for Bloomington’s economy were higher than ratings observed around the country. Ratings for Bloomington as a place to work, shopping opportunities, and economic development eclipsed those in comparison communities.

Respondents poured out their praise for Bloomington’s drinking water. This year’s approval rating of 91% tied for all-time high since the survey began in 2012. 

Snow removal was rated in the top 15% of all jurisdictions polled nationwide.

The score for Bloomington’s recreation centers was 75%, a decline of 8% since the survey began in 2012.

Opportunities for improvement exist, particularly in public transportation and street repair.

This was the eighth year in a row that the poll was conducted by the National Research Center of Boulder, Colorado.

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