Celebrate Earth Day every day

Monthly tips from the Sustainability Commission let you celebrate Earth Day every day. May’s tip is to plant native flowers, grasses, shrubs and trees.

Pollinators and other wildlife depend on native plants to survive. Native plants can improve water quality and enhance the beauty of your yard.

Start small with a few native flowers or grasses—maybe redesign part of your lawn that you are tired of mowing. Replace a section of turf grass with big bluestem, blue phlox, false indigo, fireweed, pasque flower, prairie coneflower, prairie smoke, swamp milkweed, wild geranium or wild lupine, to name a few.

Explore these and numerous other possibilities listed in the State of Minnesota’s “Native Plant Encyclopedia” at blm.mn/nativeplant. For information about sustainability or to sign up for E-Subscribe, visit blm.mn/sustain.