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Bloomington reaches new heights as a GreenStep City

Bloomington, MN - The City of Bloomington is getting greener. Last year, the City joined the GreenStep Cities program and has already gone from Step 1 to 3—something only three other cities have achieved that quickly. Bloomington was recognized at the annual League of Minnesota Cities conference in June for its accomplishment.

GreenStep Cities is a voluntary program that aims to help cities achieve better sustainability and quality of life. To reach Step 3, a city must demonstrate a series of best practices in land use, environmental management, resilient economic and community development, transportation, and buildings and lighting.

Some of the best practices the City has completed are optimizing traffic signals around Mall of America; conducting a natural resource inventory; using recycled material in asphalt and road-bed projects; using community volunteers to aid in parks maintenance and revitalization; and partnering with community organizations to promote efficient water use among residents and businesses.

“When we requested that Council approve signing on to the program we hoped to see this kind of success,” Sustainability Commission Chair Tim Sandry said. “The fact that we were able to achieve Step 3 in such a short period of time is a result of the City's commitment to weaving sustainability into new initiatives and its daily work.”

About GreenStep Cities

Minnesota GreenStep Cities is a voluntary challenge, assistance, and recognition program to help cities achieve their sustainability and quality-of-life goals. This free continuous improvement program is based upon 29 best practices that are tailored to Minnesota cities, focus on cost savings and energy use reduction, and encourage civic innovation. More at

Press release from Minnesota GreenStep Cities