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A big pile of miscellaneous pills.

Dispose of old medications safely

An estimated 250 million pounds of unused medicines are disposed of improperly every year. Flushing medications or throwing them in the trash can contaminate water supplies and landfills.

Yet keeping old medications can also have negative consequences. Prescription medication abuse is a common problem, especially among teens and young children who might get them from family, friends and the home medicine cabinet.

Protect yourself, your family and the environment by getting rid of your medicines safely.

Here is a list of locations for pharmacy disposal near your community: 

  • Bloomington – HealthPartners Bloomington Clinic - 8600 Nicollet Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55420-2855
  • Bloomington – Walgreens store - 9800 Lyndale Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55420
  • Edina – Walgreens store - 6975 York Ave S, Edina, MN 55435
  • Edina – Hennepin County Library – Southdale, 7001 York Avenue South, Edina, MN 5543

More information can be found in the PDF iconMedicine Disposal Program Flyer from Hennepin County (PDF)  or visit Hennepin County's website at

Pharmacy drop-off options

Some pharmacies charge for medicine disposal, so ask about your pharmacy's guidelines before you bring them your medications.

HealthPartners has announced that some of its pharmacies will accept most old medications from anyone in the community at no cost. Details and a list of excluded medications are available on the HealthPartners website.