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Ann Kattreh
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Contact Information

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Bloomington sales tax information


The Bloomington Sales Tax request is currently on hold. In January 2022, the City submitted a request to the Minnesota Legislature to authorize the imposition of a general sales tax if approved by a local ballot referendum. The 2022 legislative session ended in May 2022 without a final decision regarding the local sales tax authorization requests. All legislative initiatives, such as the Bloomington Sales Tax, are dependent on the next legislative session.


In January 2022, the City filed a formal request to the State Legislature for permission to hold a referendum authorizing a local sales tax in Bloomington for certain capital projects.

The Bloomington sales tax would be a 0.5% (one-half of one percent) added tax charged on the gross receipts from retail sales in the city. The new tax would only apply to items that are currently taxable, meaning that items such as clothes and staple groceries would still not be taxed. According to an independent analysis by the University of Minnesota Extension Service, this local sales tax would generate approximately $11 million each year over 20 years. The revenue collected by the sales tax would stay inside Bloomington.

Each proposed project must meet the statutory requirement of regional significance at the state legislature. If approved by the legislature, the next step would be for Bloomington voters to vote on the referendum at a general election.

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Sales tax discussions at City Council meetings

December 20, 2021 City Council Meeting
January 10, 2022 City Council Meeting
January 24, 2022 City Council Meeting
March 7, 2022 City Council Meeting

Additional resources

Letters sent to Legislators

This PDF contains the letters sent to the Senate and House Taxes Committees requesting authorization to utilize a local sales tax.  

Trend Analysis: Local Option Sales Tax for Bloomington, MN

This PDF, an independent analysis by the University of Minnesota Extension Center for Community Vitality, provides estimates of the contributions of residents and visitors to a local option sales tax and an examination of trends from 2016  through 2019.

Bloomington Ice Garden renovation
This PDF describes the City's proposal for a new roof, a new refrigeration system, locker room improvements, and other guest service and ADA improvements: $32 million estimated cost, plus interest and financing costs.

Community health and wellness center
This PDF describes the City's proposal to replace the Public Health building and Creekside Community Center.

Dwan Golf Course improvements 
This PDF describes the City's proposal for improvements including total replacement of the clubhouse, golf course and bunker improvements and on-course restrooms.

Bloomington Center for the Arts expansion 
This PDF describes the City's proposal to add a concert hall and make updates to the Schneider Theater.