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2017 Normandale Lake District Plan Update


The 2008 Normandale Lake District Plan (NLDP) established a vision to guide future re/development of the Normandale Lake District and identified future public infrastructure improvements in the District. The City is updating the plan to reflect recent changes in land use and new plans to improve access to I-494 from E. Bush Lake Road.

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OPEN HOUSE #3: Discuss Draft 2017 Normandale Lake District Plan

An open house for the 2017 Draft Normandale Lakes District Plan was held on June 21 at the Hyland Ski Chalet. Information presented at the open house included:

  • Future Land Use Assumptions
  • Traffic and Utility Modeling Results
  • Implementation Project List
  • Financial Model

The boards on display, including the updated implementation project list, can be found here:

PDF icon Normandale Lake District Plan Open House 3 Boards.pdf

Comment on the Draft Implementation Project List

Do you have specific projects you would like to see added or deleted from the list? Let us know!

Or use the following link to our online survey to leave a comment.

The update to the Normandale Lake District Plan will include:

  • Updating future land use assumptions
  • Updating traffic and utility modeling based on future land use assumptions
  • Updating the implementation plan based on model outcomes
  • Updating the funding strategy to pay for recommended public improvements in the district

The Plan Update process is expected to be completed in 2017.

Why are we updating the 2008 Plan?

The Normandale Lake District Plan (NLDP) established a vision to guide future re/development of the area and identify associated public infrastructure improvements.  The original plan assumed significant amounts of office development in the area.  To address traffic issues associated with a high concentration of office development, much of the 2008 plan focused on improvements to the intersection of Normandale Boulevard and West 84th Street. The NLDP outlined a detailed phasing schedule and funding strategy to implement the recommended public improvements (roads, urban design, and pedestrian bridge).

Since 2008, market demand for office development has significantly declined.  This has led to some property owners replacing proposed office development with multi-family and/or hotel development.  These land use changes alter traffic patterns as well as water and sewer demand, which directly influences the need and timing of infrastructure improvements. 

In addition, a key roadway improvement – a ramp from E. Bush Lake Rd. onto west-bound I-494 – has gained broad support, significantly improving its implementation feasibility. During preparation of the 2008 NLDP, the E. Bush Lake Rd. freeway ramp was discussed as a potential means to reduce peak traffic volumes at Normandale Boulevard and West 84th St. and thus minimize the need for intersection improvements. However, due to a multitude of design and funding challenges, support for this ramp was considered to be too far into the future to address pending development needs in the district.  Since 2008, key design challenges have been successfully addressed and the ramp project has gained support from agency and funding partners.  In addition, traffic counts indicate that implementing this project would eliminate the need for the costly Normandale Boulevard and West 84th Street intersection improvements proposed in the 2008 NLDP.

To include the freeway ramp project in the funding strategy for NLDP, the physical boundary of the district will be amended to encompass the ramp area, which extends north of I-494.  Given recently approved and pending requests for land use changes, it seemed prudent to concurrently consider the impacts of these changes and conduct a more comprehensive update to the NLDP. 

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2008 Normandale Lake District Plan: Vision and Goals

The Plan vision and goals set in the 2008 NLD Plan will continue to guide the district and the 2015 Plan Update process.

To position the entire District to gain maximum benefit from private and public investments, the vision for the District is to:

Continue to develop as a high quality, high density mixed use area in a manner that extends, reinforces and celebrates the natural environment.

Three primary goals to achieve this vision include:

  1. Expand the park-like character.
  2. Improve identity and connectivity.
  3. Achieve a more visually cohesive built environment.

A full copy of the 2008 Normandale Lake District Plan can be downloaded at: