Records Library

The records library is an online repository of City records providing efficient and effective access to browse, search, retrieve and print various public records. Results are displayed and ordered by search relevance. Once the desired record has been located it can be downloaded.

City Records Library

Record Category
The search features allow you to search the entire record repository. For more specific record searching use the Advanced Search feature to search for particular record types. Here is a list of the record categories currently available in the record repository:

Agenda and Meeting Materials
This category contains the agenda packages and meeting material of the City Council, and various City boards, committees and commissions.

This category contains resolutions passed by the Bloomington City Council, Housing and Redevelopment Authority, Port Authority, and Planning Commission.

This category contains ordinances passed by the Bloomington City Council from 1947 – present.

This category contains the meeting minutes of the Bloomington City Council, and various City boards, committees, and commissions. City Council minutes are complete from 1952 – present.

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