Ranked choice voting takes effect in the 2021 election

Last November, Bloomington voters approved an amendment to the City Charter that adopts ranked choice voting as the method for electing the Mayor and City Councilmembers. The City is now working to implement this change in time for the November 2021 municipal election.

This fall, all Bloomington voters will see one of the councilmember at-large seats on their ballot this November, and voters in Council District 3 and Council District 4 will also see their district councilmember on the ballot. The other councilmember at-large seat plus the Council District 1 and 2 seats and the mayor’s office are next up for election in November of 2023.

The City’s existing election equipment, including ballot counters, are compatible with ranked choice voting and will not have to be replaced.

Opportunities to practice casting a ballot using ranked choice voting will be provided later this year. Visit blm.mn/rcv to learn more.