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Voting lines

Bloomington voters set new turnout record

More than 22 percent of Bloomington voters cast early ballots by mail or in person at Civic Plaza this year. That’s more than double the early voter turnout of 2014, the last non-presidential election year. This increase in early voting may mean dividing resources differently in upcoming elections with more staff available during early voting as opposed to on Election Day, according to City Clerk Janet Lewis. 

“If people are more likely to take advantage of early voting, then we need to make sure we provide the resources for that opportunity so everyone has a positive voting experience in Bloomington,” said Lewis. “I’m really grateful for all the staff who supported the election process this year.”  

Absentee voting by mail and in person starts 46 days before the election and direct balloting, where voters place ballots directly into the ballot counter, starts seven days before the election. The city’s overall midterm voter turnout set a record, too, with 45,331 voters.