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On the ballot: Charter amendment question

Voters will soon get to decide whether to remove a section of the City Charter that regulates intoxicating liquor. If approved, intoxicating liquor would be regulated by state law and the city code. One potential result of this change would be that the City Council could create new types of licenses to allow new types of liquor establishments in Bloomington. 

On July 15, the City Council approved a charter amendment question to be included on the November 5 General Election ballot that would authorize the City Council to adopt ordinances that would allow for new types of liquor establishments such as tap rooms and cocktail rooms. The question asks voters whether to remove alcohol regulations from the City Charter:

“Shall the Bloomington City Charter be amended to delete Section 12.12, which would allow the City Council to adopt ordinances authorizing additional types of places to serve and sell alcohol in the City?”

The amendment requires 55 percent of people voting yes to pass. If approved, the change would go into effect 30 days after the election.