Data Inventory

General classification, type of data and governing statutes

Type of Data Classification MN Statues

Community Development

Blueprints or plans prepared by a professional and part of development application Non-public or private 13.37, s.1
Code violation records: Active investigation Non-public 13.39, 13.82
Code violation records: Charged out or declined by Legal     Public 13.44
Complaint, intake, medical data Private  
Government appraisals for purpose of buying or selling the land Confidential or non-public 13.44, s. 3
Licensed premises inspection data: Complaint Public: Except complainant ID 13.44
Licensed premises inspection data: Routine Public  
Mediation data Private 13.88
Nuisance Service Call Meeting minutes Private/Non-public 13.88
Property complainant data Confidential 13.44
Summary data: Closed Public  

Elections: City Clerk

Applicant data Public 13.601


Audit informant ID Private 13.392, s.2
Internal audit data: Active    Confidential/Protected Non-Public 13.392
Lodging tax data   13.495
Number of dis: Until opened Non-Public or Private 13.37, s.2
Sealed bids: Until opened Non-Public or Private 13.37, s.2
Utility customer data: Not Electric Public 13.68

Human Resources

Applicant names Private until on certified list or finalist 13.43, s.3
Applicant data Private, except for: veteran status, test scores, rank on list, job history, education and training, work availability 13.43
Employee appointment book or Outlook (email) Private IPAD 96-056
Employee confidentiality agreement Public 13.43, s.10
Employee photos: No consent to release Private IPAD 98-027
Harassment complainant/witness Confidential: Generally 13.43, s.8
Personnel data  Private 13.43, s.4
The following is public: Name; badge or ID number; actual gross salary; salary range; contract fees; actual gross pension; value and nature of fringe benefits; basis for and amount of added pay, including expense accounts; job title; bargaining unit; job description; education and training; prior work experience; first and last date of employment; existence and status of any complaint or charge against employee; final disposition of disciplinary action with reason and basis therefore; work phone number; location; honors or awards; time sheets.


Attorney work product Protected Non-Public 13.39, s.2
Civil enforcement files Protected non-public 13.39, s.2
Complainant statement Private 13.39, s.2
Criminal complaints: Signed Public 13.82

Licensing (City Clerk)

Active investigation data Confidential 13.41, s.4
Applicant financial data Confidential 13.37, s.2
Applicant name and designated addresses Public 13.41, s.2
Identity of complainants Private 13.41, s.2

Parks and Recreation

Enrollee: Health data Private 13.548
Enrollee: Identification data Private 13.548


911: Audio Private 13.82, s.4
911: Transcript Public 13.82, s.4
Alarm systems locations Non-Public 13.37, s.1
Arrest data Public 13.82, s.2
Child abuse: victim data Private 13.82, s.8
Child abuse: reporter data Confidential: With exceptions 13.82, s.8
Crime prevention: Volunteer data Non-public 13.37, s.1
Crime prevention: Block maps Non-public 13.37, s.1
Inactive crime photos - offensive Private/Non-public 13.82, s.7
Investigative data: Active Confidential/Non-public 13.82, s.7
Investigative data: Inactive Public with exceptions 13.82. s.7
Investigative data: In court Public 13.82, s.7
National Night Out locations Public 13.37, s.3
Pawnshop: Customer data Private 13.82, s.27
Pawnshop: Sold/held goods Private 13.82, s.27
Requests for service Public 13.82, s.3
Response or incident data Public 13.82, s.6
Undercover police ID Confidential 13.43, s.5
Vulnerable adult ID data Private 13.82. s.10
NOTE: Police may temporarily withhold response or incident data from the public if it would be likely to endanger the safety of a person or cause a perpetrator to flee or destroy evidence. Police can also withhold public access to data on individuals where disclosure would identify an undercover officer, victim of a sexual assault, an informant, a victim or witness where disclosure might threaten their safety or property, 911 caller or source of 911 call, re: mental health or where disclosure might threaten person or his property, and mandated reporters.