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Focused renewal: Gateway Development District

On May 13, the City Council approved the creation of the Gateway Development District, beginning a transformational opportunity in an area of the city where development and redevelopment has been largely overlooked for decades. By encouraging the redevelopment of Bloomington’s aging neighborhood commercial centers within the district, the City increases the likelihood of more business owners and residents naming Bloomington as their community of choice. More importantly, the district’s focus will be about creating a quality place for current residents and businesses by building on past successes, present opportunities and future trends. 

“The Gateway Development District is anchored with great parks, schools and trails. We’re doing our part to make the area attractive to new commercial developers, too,” Community Development Director Eric Johnson said. 

Through the Gateway Development District, the City intends to: 

  • Create opportunities for new affordable housing with an array of housing choices. 
  • Promote projects that improve quality of life by providing desirable goods and services to address an unmet need in the community. 
  • Retain and increase the number and diversity of jobs, offering stable employment with attractive wages and benefits in the area. 
  • Promote projects that include needed transportation and other utility infrastructure improvements. 

The new district spans more than 7 square miles, see map. It is generally located west of Highway 77, east of Penn Avenue, south of Interstate 494, and north of Old Shakopee Road and 98th Street. 

The community will have a variety of opportunities to share their vision for the next generation of growth and investment within the district through local engagement opportunities. 

Consultant work within the district will be funded by Hennepin County, the Housing and Redevelopment Authority, the Community Development Department and the Bloomington City Council. For more information, visit Questions? Call Community Development Director Eric Johnson at 952-563-8947.