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Diann Kirby, Melissa Madison and Jack Baloga

Commuter Services honors City

Commuter Services recently recognized the City of Bloomington at the annual State of the Commute Employer Summit. The City was recognized for its work to promote traffic demand management to City employees with its rollout of a flexible work arrangement and telework policy in 2017. The award also recognized the City’s annual bike checks in the spring, Commuter Services’ booths at employee appreciation events and the City’s traffic demand management ordinance. Councilmember Jack Baloga, above, pictured with Community Services Director Diann Kirby, far left, and Commuter Services Executive Director Melissa Madison, center, accepted the award on behalf of the City. Other local honorees included Normandale College, Quality Bicycle Products, Bloomington Bicycle Alliance, Senators Melisa Franzen and Melissa Wiklund and Representatives Andrew Carlson and Paul Rosenthal.