Bloomington Selects Nationally Renowned Urban Development Firm Stantec for a New Suburban Retrofit Strategy in the Gateway Development District

The City is set to transform the Lyndale Avenue corridor from an auto-oriented, aging thoroughfare into a series of walkable neighborhood centers. To do that, staff will partner with the community through outreach and engagement to develop a strategic vision and executable development strategy that builds upon the corridor’s assets. The focus of the work is to attract public and private investment that will enable the creation of a variety of housing and mobility options, appealing and inclusive public spaces, and vibrant retail environments for residents and visitors.  

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Rooted in solid economic market analysis and demographic trends, the suburban retrofit strategy will provide clear and realistic implementation guidance over a twenty year period, ultimately creating economic, social, and environmental value for Lyndale Avenue and the community. The redevelopment of Bloomington’s aging neighborhood commercial centers increases the likelihood of more business owners and residents reinvesting in our community.

“One of the primary objectives of the suburban retrofit strategy is to create a roadmap for promoting projects that improve the quality of life along the Lyndale Avenue corridor while also addressing an unmet demand in the community, supporting Bloomington’s efforts as a community of choice in the region,” Community Development Director Eric Anthony Johnson said.

“This is truly a visionary and transformative project and we are honored to contribute to the future of this community,” said Beth Elliott, senior urban planner in Stantec’ s Minneapolis office. “Our team works extraordinarily hard to understand our client’s goals, imagine new possibilities together and build strong communities.”

“This is a great example of attracting investment to the Lyndale Avenue corridor to benefit the community already living and working along Lyndale,” Mayor Gene Winstead said.

The City Council approved the contract for Stantec to begin working with the City on Monday, September 9. The kick-off is expected to begin this fall with community engagement continuing throughout the next nine months.