Kathy Tominski

Longtime Loaves and Fishes coordinator retires

Hugs, handshakes and happy tears marked retirement day for Kathy Tominski. After 27 years, she retired from her job as site coordinator for Loaves and Fishes.

A fixture at the Loaves and Fishes Creekside Community Center location for decades, Tominski is skilled at bridging community and love through food. Few can match her record of a million meals served. Her welcoming smile and pleasant conversation kept patrons coming back to Loaves and Fishes.

At the February 28 meal service, Tominski was honored with a congratulatory letter from Mayor Winstead, framed photos, pageant-sized rose bouquets, the first-ever golden silverware award and other keepsakes. Creekside was packed with well-wishers and meal participants. Some people work a crowd, but for Tominski, the crowd came to her. The abundance of smiles was a tribute to her heartfelt popularity.

Today, Loaves and Fishes runs like an extension of family at Creekside. There’s always a need for more food coming to the table, and the program will continue to provide free meals. Maybe Tominski, a Bloomington resident, will drop in if only to say “hello.”

Information about Loaves and Fishes: blm.mn/loavesandfishes.