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Fare For All: December Holiday Pack Available


  • Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 11:00am to 1:00pm

Fare For All is a cooperative food buying program offering up to 40 percent savings on brand-name products. There are no qualifications or income restrictions.

Fare For All provides packages of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as frozen meat items. Pay with cash, credit, or EBT.


  • Produce Package ($10) Typically includes five varieties of fresh vegetables and two varieties of fresh fruits.
  • Mini Meat Pack ($11) A minimum of four assorted meat items (3 - 5 lbs). Does not include pork.
  • Combo Pack ($20) Save an extra $1 by combining the produce and mini meat packs.
  • Mega Meat Pack ($25) Typically includes 7 - 9 meat items.
  • Featured Holiday Pack ($30) includes:
    • Spiral Ham (7-9 lbs)
    • Whole Chicken (5 lbs)
    • Roasted Chicken Wings (1 lb)
    • Garlic Herb Chicken (9 oz)
    • Mixed Vegetables (32 oz)
    • Meatballs (22 oz)
    • Dutch Apple Pie