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Strategic Priorities 2017 – 2020

In 2016, the City Council created a plan, One Bloomington, to guide the City. The original plan included six strategic priorities. In 2019, the Council added a seventh: Transparency.

  • Community image
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Community amenities
  • High-quality services
  • Focused renewal
  • Environmental sustainability 
  • Engagement and transparency

Through these strategic priorities, the City will focus on improving the awareness and reputation of Bloomington and its strengths across the region and state to ensure that it is viewed favorably by residents, businesses and others.

Verbrugge View – State of the City 2017

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One Bloomington Summit—December 2016

Nearly 70 community leaders gathered at Civic Plaza in December 2016 to talk about how to improve the community’s image. This initiative grew out of the City Council’s strategic priorities. Attendees heard about changing demographics and resident survey results, and then brainstormed and categorized ideas with the assistance of City facilitators.

Here are some of the ideas that emerged:

  • Ignite partnerships
  • Create a bold vision
  • Tell stories that sell Bloomington
  • Embrace diversity
  • Create community through neighborhoods
  • Strengthen civic engagement

Participants were excited to hear from a cross-section of community leaders. “Great start of a community-wide conversation,” said one attendee’s evaluation. “Many ideas and suggestions to consider—people are concerned and thoughtful,” said another.

The summit gave people from different parts of Bloomington a unique opportunity to share their perspectives and generate useful ideas, many of which are already being reflected in the City’s One Bloomington initiatives. As a result of One Bloomington Summit ideas and strategic priorities of the City Council, volunteer action groups were formed consisting of Bloomington residents. Over the course of one year, groups will meet with City staff liaisons to form recommendations, actions, and activities.

Inclusion & Equity Action Group

This group developed work plans around the following questions:

  • What should we do to strengthen civic engagement in our community?
  • What should we do to embrace diversity and build an equitable community?
  • What should we do to create community connectivity through neighborhoods?
  • What should we do to enhance education and opportunities for our youth?

They also worked together to define inclusion and equity:

  • Inclusion: To foster and create awareness by empowering unique strengths and talents to promote a culture of belonging and acceptance through creating authentic opportunities for participation at all levels.
  • Equity: Equity is built upon fairness in systems of access and implementation so that everyone has opportunities to reach their own goals.

They formed three subcommittees: Community engagement, research and partnerships, and neighborhood connections. Meeting notes:

  • Community Inclusion Equity Action Plan (August, 2017 meeting)
  • 10.16.17. Inclusion and Equity Notes
  • 12.06.17. Inclusion and Equity Notes
  • 03.08.18 Inclusion and Equity Notes
  • 05.10.18 Inclusion and Equity Notes
  • One Bloomington Survey questions (survey now closed)
  • July 2018 Notes
  • One Bloomington Inclusion & Equity Group presentation to Council and recommendations to Council (presented during the City Council study session meeting on October 8, 2018)