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South Loop water park project progressing

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Bloomington Briefing Published March 1, 2023
Updated on March 1, 2023
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Talks about a proposed water park in South Loop began in the 1980s. Then in 2019, the project began moving forward again. The pandemic impacted the tourism industry and slowed discussion of the water park. Now, the water park project is making headway again. 

The proposed project would be one of the largest indoor water parks in North America with a building footprint of approximately 250,000 square feet and a total area, including all interior multistory floor areas, around 335,000 square feet. The project would cost approximately $345 million, plus infrastructure. A portion of the property taxes, via tax increment financing, paid by Mall of America projects would go into the water park to make it financially viable. The water park would be open to the public with Bloomington residents receiving a discount.

“The developer is analyzing the financials to be able to close on the project,” Assistant Port Authority Administrator Jason Schmidt said. “If they are able to secure financing and close the financial gap, they would look to start construction of the water park in the summer or fall of 2023.”

More information about the status of the project will be in an upcoming issue of the Briefing. Visit to see past or future meeting agendas for Council and Port Authority Commission concurrent meetings.