Creative happy hour

Children play at the annual creative happy hour event at Bloomington Central Station Park, 8100 33rd Avenue South. 

Mayor’s memo: Planning for the future with community in mind

At our first regular meeting each year, the City Council takes time to discuss and identify goals and important issues we want to focus on in the year ahead. This discussion leads into our annual strategic planning retreat where we get into a little more detail. This year we focused on community based-planning and centered our discussion around the topics of sustainability, inclusion and equity, community image, community amenities, high-quality service delivery and focused renewal. We reviewed successes and stalls from 2019 in these areas and our goals for 2020. 

One theme that connected our areas of focus was finding the most efficient and impactful way to achieve our goals. We don’t want to do things simply because that’s how it has been done in the past. We want to do the most we can with the resources we have at hand. 

One priority is proactive communication in the community image focus area surrounding City projects and services. We want to ensure that people who want information about what’s happening with the City continue to have a variety of ways to access that information. Similarly, we discussed creating multiple avenues for civic engagement and providing feedback. 

The City Council will dive deeper into these goals within the next month. In the weeks since the first part of the retreat, we have discussed what stood out to us and next steps we should take based on the outcomes. 

We also touched on two remaining topics the Council will address during a continuation of its retreat—community engagement and transparency.  I’ll write more in future columns about Council priorities for 2020.