Mayor Gene Winstead

Mayor’s memo; Envisioning our future: These are exciting times for Bloomington

I’ve been fortunate to lead this great city for the past 20 years. I have often described Bloomington as the center of the universe. By that, I mean this community is central to the quality of many lives and livelihoods. We are among the best of cities, and I am proud of our people, schools and the range and variety of businesses that contribute to its vitality.

Looking back on my years as an elected official, I have found it has been a time to learn and a time to grow. Keeping a steady eye on the future was my focus when making decisions that were best for all of Bloomington.

These are exciting times for Bloomington. We are envisioning our future, improving our existing amenities and planning new ones. What does the future of Bloomington look like for you? How do you see your community in 5, 10 or 20 years? What will make things better for you and your neighbors in terms of livability or property values?

I hear from residents and businesses all the time that they love it here. And we have the data from many years of surveys to back that up. But it is interesting to look at that data from an overall image perspective. How do we look to those outside of Bloomington?

When focusing on our community image and vision, we want that image to be positive. This has to do with our priorities, showing we are headed down the right path, keeping our physical environment and facilities updated and renewed, providing high-quality amenities and services, being in great financial shape and taking care of our people. If we continue to do this right, we will continue to attract new residents, innovative development and dynamic businesses. Bloomington will prosper and thrive.

There is still work to do. Every resident can be involved in creating a better community and contributing to the vibrancy and image of our city. I encourage everyone to participate in City-sponsored events and meetings. Vote, volunteer, support the arts and local businesses and welcome all of your new neighbors. Collective input makes us a greater whole—a greater One Bloomington.