Mayor’s memo: Bold leadership has moved Bloomington forward

By Mayor Tim Busse 

As I start writing my first-ever Mayor’s memo, I would like to take a moment to say how excited and humbled I am to continue the tradition of bold, innovative public service in Bloomington. This is a fantastic city with a history of outstanding leadership and it’s an honor to be elected to continue that as we move forward. I’d also like to thank and pay homage to some of my colleagues—the incredible leaders who set the stage for the success the city has had through the years, including Mayors Gene Winstead and Coral Houle, Councilmembers Amy Grady and Vern Wilcox and many more. 

Even though Bloomington is home to nearly 90,000 people, there are deep roots in this community, which isn’t necessarily common for such a big city. Bloomington is the community it is because of the bold decisions that have been made through the years. We saw farm fields turn into the Met Stadium and then Mall of America. The Blue Line brought light rail transportation to MOA and Bloomington—something that could certainly be called cutting edge for cities outside of Minneapolis and Saint Paul when it was built. We recently approved and kicked off projects under the new opportunity housing ordinance to keep economic diversity at the forefront of Bloomington’s growth as a community of choice. You’ll also read about Bloomington Police efforts to be more inclusive in its hiring through the Pathways to Policing program on page 7. 

These are all examples of bold, innovative ideas that have moved Bloomington forward. We’ll continue to lean into creative solutions and find new ways to address challenges in the city while still celebrating our strengths. 

The work I do as Mayor will be for all of Bloomington. It won’t be broken down by someone’s address, ethnicity, race, age or political party. We are one city, one community and I will make decisions and recommendations based on what is best for Bloomington as a whole. 

I am excited to get started and to have more conversations about what matters most to you and what you envision for our city’s future. As I settle in to my new office, I will announce and hold regular office hours at Civic Plaza and other places throughout the community to connect with residents and stakeholders.