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Draft strategic plan to be reviewed by City Council this month

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Bloomington Briefing Published April 5, 2022
Updated on April 5, 2022
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Residents made up the majority of the planning teams

A core planning team of 30 residents and City employees who volunteered to work on the City’s upcoming strategic plan, Bloomington. Tomorrow. Together., has completed a draft of the plan. City Manager Jamie Verbrugge will present it to the City Council this month.

In January and February, action and measurement teams met to expand on the plan developed by the core planning team.

The action team constructed a roadmap for putting the strategic plan into motion. The measurement team developed metrics to monitor and measure progress on the strategic plan.

Bloomington. Tomorrow. Together. is a community-based strategic planning initiative that connects City representatives and residents to shape the future of Bloomington.

Throughout the process, resident and community member voices were at the forefront. Bloomington community members made up more than half of each strategic planning team. This exceeded the City’s goal to have residents make up at least half of the members of each group.

“I had a very positive experience being a part of this plan coming together,” Nur Mood, core planning team member and Bloomington resident said. “I am an immigrant from East Africa and I never had the opportunity to participate in government there at any level. In this process, community members have had a voice in each step. Seeing people of different backgrounds and cultures coming together, talking about their perspectives and agreeing on a decision gives me hope. I think the final product will chart a great path forward for Bloomington.”

Some City staff on the planning teams are also residents. City councilmembers served on all of the teams—three on the core planning team, three on the action team and one on the measurement team. Other Bloomington stakeholders, like Bloomington Public Schools Superintendent Eric Melbye, also participated.

“Participating in the core planning team was important to me as a resident and a City staff member because the plan will have an impact on the future of the community where I live. I have the opportunity to be involved in carrying out the plan through my work at the City,” Recreation Manager Alison Warren said.

City representatives and community members worked together at every stage of the process:

  • Understanding who and what Bloomington is.
  • Forming a unifying mission statement and strategic objectives.
  • Developing action-planning priorities for implementation.
  • Identifying measurements for success.

When approved, this plan will be effective for five years and reviewed annually. Learn more at