City counters Burnsville’s landfill proposal

In March, the City of Burnsville approved a proposal to expand the Burnsville Sanitary Landfill. The expansion would increase the landfill’s waste volume by 26 million cubic yards and the height to 372 feet above grade—60 feet higher than Bloomington’s tallest point at Hyland Hills Ski Area.

Next steps in its approval process will likely stretch over multiple years and could include:

  • An application for a Certificate of Need from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).
  • Preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement.
  • Final approval from the City of Burnsville.
  • Permit from the MPCA.

The City of Bloomington has no approval authority over the expansion but will continue to monitor changes and developments and express concerns. The City’s concerns about the proposal include the visual impact, noise, odor, escaping trash and location of additional waste in a sensitive ecological area, among others.

“We have obvious concerns about the size of the landfill, which could grow to dominate our Minnesota River Valley frontage,” Mayor Gene Winstead said. “The landfill would be larger than the pyramids of Egypt, creating an undesirable visual for Bloomington.”

The City submitted a comment letter in opposition to the expansion and testified in opposition at Burnsville public hearings. To see the letter and other related information, visit