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Building and Inspections Division


Consider pool and fence requirements

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Bloomington Briefing Published March 23, 2021
Updated on April 8, 2022

Thinking about adding a pool to your yard? If you are considering buying an outdoor pool, call the Building and Inspections Division to see what kind of fencing is needed.

Fences, gates and other safety features can make pools safer, promote pool safety awareness and save lives, especially for young children. These barriers are not a replacement for adult supervision.

“Due to COVID-19, more residents have been buying pools,” Building and Inspections Supervisor Bernadette Gillespie said. “If you want to add a pool to your yard, know that there could be additional expenses beyond the cost of the pool itself.”

City code requires all outdoor pools greater than 24 inches deep to have a fence around them, along with a self-closing and self-latching gates. You may also need to meet additional requirements, dependent on size and location of the pool, per the Minnesota State Building code and local City zoning ordinance. For more information, call the Building and Inspections Division at 952-563-8934

  • Each year nearly 375 children younger than 15 drown in swimming pools and spas in the United States. 
  • Children younger than five account for 75% of these drownings.
  • Most victims were missing for less than five minutes when they were found.
  • Most drownings and submersion injuries involving victims younger than five occur in pools owned by friends, family or relatives.
  • Portable pools accounted for close to 10% of total fatalities (annual average of 40) for children younger than 15.

*As reported by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in an annual report on preventing child drownings and drowning prevention toolkit.