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Independent TOS Evaluators Licensed by the City of Bloomington

An inspection report form must be completed prior to offering a property for sale. The seller may choose to have the City of Bloomington perform the inspection or they can select from the following list of independent evaluators licensed by the City of Bloomington. Call 952-563-8930 to schedule an inspection through the City or schedule an inspection from a licensed independent evaluator listed below.

Evaluators will examine:

  • The dwelling's visible structural elements.
  • Heating, electrical and plumbing systems.
  • Other components of construction.
  • Accessible, unoccupied areas such as attics and crawl spaces, but will not take apart any building components.
  • Hidden problems in inaccessible areas cannot be identified.

The fee for an independent inspection is established by the evaluator.

Name Email Company Phone COB License
Luis Alcaraz InspectuCasa IC Inspections 612-743-8228 LCCL204479
Thomas Allen Allen Home Services 952-474-2469 LCCL204482
Milind Angolkar Structure Tech 952-915-6466 LCCL204492
Bruce Blumenthal   612-788-8088 LCC204481
Dan Brausen Innerspec 651-483-8407 LCCL204475
Wayne Capra Criterion Home Inspection LLC 612-987-7290 LLC1801053
Jason Carter All Metro Home Inspection 952-210-9338 LCCL204460
Alan Copia Copia/Cornerstone Inspections 612-824-2000 LCCL204476
Brian Devery Apple Home Inspections 651-644-3999 LCCL204494
Don Doty Homeplace Inspections 952-544-8141 LCCL204501
Tom Geoffroy Branch Property Investigations 612-269-4461 LCCL204465
Doug Hastings Cities Inspection Service Inc 952-892-0490 LCCL204467
Scott Hansing Inspect One 952-707-1111 LCCL204462
Don Hedquist Don Hedquist 952-941-2773 LCCL204470
Timothy Igoe Insight Home Inspections LLC 612-229-3521 LCC201601163
Richard Kilian   612-599-6102 LCCL204458
David Kirwin The Kirwin Group 612-991-1546 LCCL204485
Ronald Kulas Inspecta-Homes 651-641-0641 LCCL204499
Dennis Lash Dennis Lash Inc 612-729-6973 LCCL204469
Patrick Leahy Accuspec Home Inspections 651-398-6754 LCCL204498
Michael Moser M J Moser Inspections 612-386-4995 LCCL204488
Richard Olson Danrich Inspections 952-920-1360 LCCL204486
Roger Pass Home Inspections by Roger Pass 651-690-2122 LCCL204497
Michael Pew Brick by Brick Evaluations 612-205-5060 LLCL201600706
Neil Saltzman Structure Tech 952-915-6466 LCCL204491
Karl Sanders Homtech Inc. 612-408-4000 LCCL204457
Kevin Schick Amerispec 612-597-0409 LCCL204463
Dan Solberg Inspecta-Homes 651-641-0641 LCCL204496
Steve Sorenson Searchlight Inspections LLC 612-749-0244 LCCL204461
Brice Staeheli ACI 651-238-1314 LCCL204495
Kim VanLangen City to City Inspections, Inc. 952-432-4924 LCCL204466
Brent Williams iCheck Home Inspection 651-454-1911 LCCL204471
Antony Wrobel AJ Wrobel Home Inspections 651-276-2055 LCCL204489