Courts moved to downtown Minneapolis

If you have any court business, take note of court location changes. Due to the Southdale courthouse closure, prosecutors from the City of Bloomington are handling cases in downtown Minneapolis. City prosecutors appear at the Hennepin County Public Safety Facility, 401 South Fourth Avenue, for cases scheduled in the morning, and at the Hennepin County Government Center, 300 South Sixth Street, for cases scheduled in the afternoon.

Residents and businesses can expect the same high-quality service and treatment of cases. As a benefit to the community, the City Attorney’s Office has increased prosecutor court time calendars to help reduce the amount of time case processing takes.

While both courthouses are located in downtown Minneapolis, they are different buildings. Allow extra time for transportation, parking and security. Each building has its own security checkpoint.

If a case has more than one hearing, those hearings may be held in different courthouses. Check court reminder slips for locations. Contact Hennepin County District Court at 612-348-2040 with questions.